Obamacare already not meeting its deadlines

Three months ago, Obama signed Obamacare into law and set strict deadlines for its implementation.

However, they are going to miss several deadlines:

  • requiring the establishment of an advisory committee for an advertising campaign to educate young women about breast cancer. Deadline was May 22, but the advisory committee members have yet to be selected.
  • establish a government task force by May 7 to come up with a strategy to improve health care programs in Alaska. The task force has not been selected yet.
  • medical loss ratios – the ratio of medical expenses to administrative spending – by June 1, but it won’t be able for full review until at least July 1 or beyond.
  • premium rate reviews for private insurance plans (that means dictating what private insurance companies can charge) – past deadline and no future deadline set.
  • coordinating with states to establish the temporary high-risk pools that Americans can start enrolling in by July 1, but that deadline is sure to slip with 36 states fighting this monstrosity of a bill.

Naturally, the administration is already making their excuses:

  • The process for making rules is long and rigorous, and new rules often have to go through multiple agencies and departments. It will also take many more people with specific expertise to carry out the various parts of the law, and hiring in itself can be a slow process in the federal government.
  • The average rule takes 18 months, which means that there are many of those that take two or three years to do, because they have controversy or they require integration with some other rule making process.
  • The political pressures that are inevitably going to come to bear here, from inside and outside of the administration, it’s a recipe for uncertainty.
  • HHS appears to need more time to develop regulations that avoid any errors or problems or challenges with implementation, it does seem that they are taking extra time to work through some of those issues.
  • It would be impossible to flip a switch and have all of these provisions go into effect within such a short time frame.
  • This is still pretty early on in the process.

Excuse me, but weren’t you the ones that made the deadlines in the first place? Now you’re complaining about them? I guess they expected the public to roll over and take it like good little peons.

Glad to disappoint.

I’m surprised no one has given the best excuse of all:

You can’t force 300,000,000 people into one government system without crushing them all under the same boot.



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Daniel Cecchini has a master's degree in History and has published 5 books. He is currently working on the final draft of his first novel, which he has decided to almost completely rewrite from scratch because he likes the pain...

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